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The Letterheads - Make It Better With A Letter!
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The Letterheads - Make It Better With A Letter! 

We're the Letterheads!  We're here to introduce young learners to the alphabet and show them how we can help them
"Make It Better With A Letter"

Learning the alphabet could be the most critical and fundamental step in the literacy process. As a parent, educator, relative, or concerned adult, we must do what we can to ensure that our young children have every opportunity to succeed and literacy is a key ingredient of that success.  By providing young children with repeated exposure to letters in a fun and stimulating manner, The Letterhead characters help promote efficient and effective learning. Additionally, the exercises in our activity book allow young children to be creative and explore new ways to learn and express themselves. Ultimately, this process helps to build a strong foundation for future learning. The captivating and engaging characters presented in our products will continue to encourage and inspire our children and lay a strong platform as they grow and learn.

Be a part of the learning process - Join Us!